Consumer Insight Cloud™

Grow Your Business With Consumer Insight

Consumer Insights Help To Increase Sales!

Consumer insight - Interpret your product raw data
and consumer behavior info


Business can be operating in a more efficient way through our product data.


Know what you should know and what your product can tell you. 


Access real time and accurate information from the billions of products items you produce and sell. 


Proven Method To Capture Data

A proven method to capture product data and consumer behavior. Implemented into 200 customers at S.E.A. inclusive FMCG, agriculture, pharmaceutical, health and beauty, automotive, electronic & engineering products, sports and lifestyles more than 1000 products with good feedback. 

Consumer Insight Cloud™ Is For Your Industry

Many potential usage could be used at some of the industry:

Health & Beauty

Watch how the beauty industry fights the counterfeit and track their product sales.

Sports & Lifestyles

Watch how the data helps to target the right audience.

Pet Food Industry

Watch how the consumer can easily authenticate products.


Digitise Your Product, Give Them An QR Identity

We help to digitise your product, bring them to life on the web. Giving them a unique QR Identity in Consumer Insight Cloud ™. This unique QR ID makes everything under your roof trackable, identifiable and interactive. 

These QR Identity can apply into our security label, tamper evident label, smart packaging even RFID tag.


Transparency and Visibility

We help to drive manufacturing, supply chain, brand engagement all from this QR identity. Leverage your product, collecting the data through out the entire product life cycle. From Factory to Consumer.

Assessment If Your Business Suitable for this Solution

It is very important for us to identify what solution is best for you. Let’s start by assessing the level of business problems you are experiencing right now.

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